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25th Jul 2020. My new comic, published by Ley Lines, is out now. Lie of the Land is about how we perceive, and make up stories about, the countryside, and how those stories aren’t material truths but ideas that are mutable. It’s also about the work of Alfred Watkins (1855 – 1935) who proposed the idea of ‘leys’, straight trackways in the prehistoric landscape that joined up hills, lakes, and rivers, with human-made features like stone circles, cairns, and barrows. Features collages of old photos, found text, and my own splodgy paintings. It’s available here.


30th Apr 2020. Minor Leagues 10 is available now. In this issue: life under lockdown, COVID-19 nightmares, mudlarking in rivers, the story of an eighty year old letter found in a skip, comics, letters, and an appreciation of artist and musician, Charlie McAlister (plus a whole load more). Available here.