Here are some of my most recent releases. I’ve been making comics, zines, and books for a long time. You can find a full list of my publications here.


Now is the Time to Know Everything (2023)

Now is the Time to Know Everything is my new book. It explores the bewildering excitement of pregnancy and the heartbreak of miscarriage through a fragile blur of family stories, reflections on the past, present and future, and half-remembered dreams. Written against the backdrop of a burning hot summer, an unpredictable autumn, and a wet winter, it is a love letter to a person that never quite came to be. Find out more here.

Cover for Now is the Time to Know Everything, featuring an image of a classical bust of a bearded man, out of which an old photo of a toddler is poking


Where? (2021)

[in Where?, Moreton] connects trauma and loss to landscape and geography to stunning effect. Some of the best writing and art in my recent memory – absolutely haunting and essential.

Michael T Fournier, Razorcake Magazine

Where? is a big work of creative non-fiction, published by Little Toller Books. It is about growing up in the countryside, my dad’s death in 2017, and a hill in south Shropshire called Titterstone Clee. The book deals with belonging, place, memory, history, folklore, grief. Mostly prose, with painted passages, collages and drawings, found artefacts, photos. Originally self-published in four instalments between 2018 and 2020. You can read more about Where? here, or if you’d like to, you can order Where? here from publisher Little Toller.


What is Britain? (2021)


What is Britain? goes deep into a particular strand of the British myth – one that is about knowing one’s place, that the order of things is natural, and that those in positions of power have our best interests at heart. Old photos, found text, my own paintings, collaged together. All proceeds from this zine will be donated to: Sophie Lancaster Foundation | The Grenfell Foundation | Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants. What is Britain? is available here.


Lie of the Land (2020)

this is a contemplative and even sensual work that is designed to be felt every bit as much as it’s understood.

Ryan C, Four Colour Apocalypse

Published as part of the Ley Lines series, this pamphlet is about how we perceive and make up stories about the countryside, and how those stories aren’t material truths but ideas that are mutable. The booklet is made of collages of mostly pre-WW2 photos of the English landscape, found text from books about English rurality, and my own splodgy painting. I made Lie of the Land partly in response to the work of Alfred Watkins (1855 – 1935) who proposed the idea of ‘leys’, straight trackways in the prehistoric countryside that joined up hills, lakes, and rivers, with human-made features like stone circles, cairns, and barrows. Lie of the Land is available here.


Minor Leagues (2016 – )

One of the best zines out there right now.

Michael T. Fournier, Razorcake

Minor Leagues is my ongoing publication. It’s a zine about what’s been happening. What has been happening? Stories, writing, drawings, comics, photographs &c. Comes out roughly twice a year, printed and assembled at home in Bristol. Issues of Minor Leagues are available here.


Plans We Made (2015)

An honest, gentle, and bittersweet account of the feeling of having close friends, a first love and a place to explore.

Rob Clough, High/Low

Plans We Made is my debut graphic novel about teenage years spent in the suburbs of South East England in the late 1990s. It’s a quiet story, with only a handful of words, drawn in pencil in a one week sprint in winter 2014. It’s about being young, I guess, but probably about being a grown-up too. Published by Uncivilized Books. You can buy a copy here.