Now is the Time to Know Everything

Now is the Time to Know Everything

Now is the Time to Know Everything is my new book. It explores the bewildering excitement of pregnancy and the heartbreak of miscarriage through a fragile blur of family stories, reflections on the past, present and future, and half-remembered dreams. Written against the backdrop of a burning hot summer, an unpredictable autumn, and a wet winter, it is a love letter to a person that never quite came to be.

Cover for Now is the Time to Know Everything, featuring an image of a classical bust of a bearded man, out of which an old photo of a toddler is poking

“Over those few sweltering weeks, you the idea became You the nearly-baby: You the collection of cells and dietary changes and lifestyle adaptations… You of one thousand million billion futures, of sleepless nights, You the navigator of futures unimaginable, You falling down and needing a plaster, You breaking curfew, You telling us we were wrong, You being right, You being You You You. It was all You.”

A portion of the proceeds from this edition will be donated to the Miscarriage Association who offer support and information to anyone affected by the loss of a baby in pregnancy, raise awareness of issues around miscarriage, and promote good practice in medical care.

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– Words, some pictures. Handmade.
– 148 x 210mm
– 172 pp (B&W inside, colour cover)
– Side staple binding

Published by Lydstep Lettuce in 2023.
Printed by MARC the Printer, Salford
Assembled at home in Bristol.